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Verification of the minergie standard for new Buildings

Unfortunately, the boom in MINERGIE buildings is fueling repeated abuses of the system. If shortcuts are taken in terms of the quality of building materials or construction work, it is often just a matter of time before structural damage occurs. uvalgt measurements reveal building defects.


The Minergie standard places high demands on building insulation. The necessary insulating materials are expensive and must be properly installed to achieve the maximum insulating effect.

Unfortunately, time and again, construction companies are failing to install the insulation properly or are using poorer materials than declared, so that the necessary insulating effect of 0.15 W/(m2K) is not achieved.

In the case of this new building, the client suspected the MINERGIE standard had not been met. The U-value measurements taken using the uvalgt Building kit confirmed this suspicion and provided sound data for further investigation.


uvalgt Building sensor technology allows for straightforward and precise measurement of the U-value of building envelopes, structural elements, and materials.

The uvalgt wireless kit data measuring device is used to conduct simultaneous measurements of the U-value and the ambient and surface temperatures (indoors and outdoors) at five sensor points, with the option of cloud-based data transmission, analysis and monitoring in real time.


  • Straightforward, standard-conforming measurement of the U-value
  • Real-time measurement directly on a laptop
  • Simple, calibrated plug & play solution
  • Analyses and performance logs via user-friendly software
  • CSV export feature
  • ISO 9869 certified, ASTM C1046 and ASTM C1155 standardized
  • Patented Swiss measurement technology
  • Compact transport case
  • Versatile equipment for a wide variety of applications

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