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Office building thermal insulation measurement

A material’s thermal absorption has an effect on the indoor climate and how pleasant it feels inside while at the same time preventing overheating. Measurements taken using the uvalgt Building kit help to determine the current situation.


The owner of an office building in Zurich wanted a cost-effective renovation option that included passive cooling. Summer thermal insulation was a condition of the building permit.

Heat ingress had to be reduced to ensure that the indoor climate would still be pleasant even on very hot days. With full acoustic ceiling paneling and fitted carpets, the interior already had a certain ability to store heat.

As the quality of the bricks in the internal walls, which were built in the 1950s, was not known, their ability to store heat was quantified and reviewed by means of U-value measurement using the uvalgt kit.


uvalgt Building sensor technology allows for straightforward and precise measurement of the U-value of building envelopes, structural elements, and materials.

The uvalgt wireless kit data measuring device is used to conduct simultaneous measurements of the U-value and the ambient and surface temperatures (indoors and outdoors) at five sensor points, with the option of cloud-based data transmission, analysis and monitoring in real time.


  • Straightforward, standard-conforming measurement of the U-value
  • Real-time measurement directly on a laptop
  • Simple, calibrated plug & play solution
  • Analyses and performance logs via user-friendly software
  • CSV export feature
  • ISO 9869 certified, ASTM C1046 and ASTM C1155 standardized
  • Patented Swiss measurement technology
  • Compact transport case
  • Versatile equipment for a wide variety of applications

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