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Campus energy model by Cornell University

Smart technologies help to reduce the carbon emissions of buildings. greenteg’s U-value measurement kits provided key research data during the development of Cornell University’s software model for evaluating building envelopes.


Cornell University researchers Thomas Suesser and Timor Dogan developed a novel software model that uses institutional GIS datasets to create calibrated multi-zone energy models for evaluating future scenarios.

The greenteg U-value measurement kit was used to provide data-based information on the thermal efficiency of the test building and to inform decisions concerning the precise, scalable planning of the retrofit.

The authors hope that the campus model will become a valuable tool that is widely used in determining assessable building energy values, and that options for sustainable building retrofits will be developed from this.


The uvalgt wireless kit is a system for measuring the U-value of building envelopes, building components and building fabric.

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