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Greenteg heat flux sensors pass HB/CB tests by Holcim

The construction industry is investing in research to develop new and sustainable building materials. Holcim (formerly LafargeHolcim), a Swiss building materials and aggregates company, used greenteg’s U-value measurement kit for its HB/CB tests.


Safe, functional, durable, and sustainable – the requirements for materials are also increasing. Innovative building materials should not only meet ever-higher standards, but also reduce material costs and lower a building’s energy requirements and carbon emissions.

Holcim had the opportunity to try out greenteg’s uvalgt wireless kit in a hot box-cold box (HB/CB) test. A HB/CB is an industrial testing facility used to test various building elements, such as walls, under different climatic conditions. The test results provide valuable information that can be used in the further development of new types of building envelopes and insulation materials.

The U-values measured by Holcim’s engineers using the uvalgt wireless kit were close to the values measured with the temperature gauges in the HB/CB. Thanks to its accuracy and ease of use, the uvalgt wireless kit is the perfect tool for taking on-site measurements that help to evaluate the insulation performance of a wall before and after renovation.


The uvalgt wireless kit is a system for measuring the U-value of building envelopes, building components and building fabric.

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