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Skiin: smart textiles by Myant

Skiin garments with the corresponding Skiin Connected Life app enable remote monitoring of patients or family members. Integrated into the cutting-edge sensor is caleragt technology for measuring core body temperature.


The textile manufacturer Myant equips its Skiin collection with sensors that measure the wearer’s vital signs. These smart garments collect information such as heart rate, physical activity and core body temperature with the help of the sewn-in sensors.

The captured data is transmitted from the pod in the textile band to a mobile device, where the Skiin Connected Life app records the captured data and provides an overview of the wearer’s health at all times.

Skiin will raise the bar in the field of remote medical care for remote monitoring of the elderly and family members in need. It is currently still in the open beta phase, which means that the garments are in use in limited numbers of clinical trials, while the software continues to be improved until the products reach full market maturity and have obtained certification.


caleragt is a solution that monitors core body temperature and is designed for widespread use in wearables and medtech applications.

The caleragt solution is also available as a white-label product for use in the medtech, sport and occupational safety and health sectors.


  • Non-invasive sensor technology for the seamless measurement of core body temperature
  • AI-based algorithm enables precise calculation and analysis of the data measured
  • Comfortable to wear, water resistant, disinfectable
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Easy to control via the app
  • Storage, analysis and monitoring of data via a cloud solution
  • Certified Swiss sensor technology