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Hybrid ScanWatch2 by Withing with CALERA® technology

greenteg’s CALERA® technology provides day and night continuous temperature tracking in new generation hybrid, health-monitoring wristwatch. With the integration of greenteg's CALERA® technology, the latest hybrid ScanWatch2 from the company Withings offers a revolutionary advancement for the health-conscious consumer who is keen to monitor and have data regarding their health and well-being.


WITHINGS created the first smart scale in 2009 and has been the pioneer in connected health ever since. Its clinically validated and multi-award-winning range is used by millions worldwide and includes smart scales, hybrid watches, blood pressure monitors, sleep analyzers, and more. The team of engineers, data scientists, and healthcare professionals at WITHINGS work alongside clinical experts to make it possible to take medical-grade measurements at home.

On their collaboration with greenteg’s CALERA® sensors, it monitors your body temperature day and night, helping detect health issues and optimizing workout performance. This device combines a heat-flux sensor, temperature sensor, heart rate, and accelerometer for body temperature variation assessment. This device sets a new standard for body temperature assessment.

CALERA®’s wearable sensor technology tracks core body temperature continuously and non-invasively via a miniaturized heat flux sensor. Traditional methods of monitoring core body temperature often require intrusive methods and sporadic measurements. With this partnership we hope to make accurate and non-invasive core body temperature (Internal temperature) available to all.


CALERA® is a solution that monitors core body temperature and is designed for widespread use in wearables and MedTech applications.

The CALERA® solution is also available as a white-label product for use in the MedTech, sport and occupational safety and health sectors.


• Non-invasive sensor technology for the seamless measurement of core body temperature • AI-based algorithms enable precise calculation and analysis of the data measured. • ISO-certified measuring technology for the highest accuracy values. • Test devices that include our Caleragt solution and directly use it in your intended use case. • Guidance in mass production with your ODM partner. • Storage, analysis and monitoring of data via a cloud solution. • Certified Swiss sensor technology