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C-detect from waire health

With next-generation wearables, another important step has been taken in modern medical technology. C-Detect, a wearable medical monitor for measuring vital signs, is one such success story – and greenteg’s sensor technology is part of it.

greenteg’s Core Body Temperature Monitor was successfully integrated into SensArm, Waire Health‘s Technology to develop hi-tech medical grade wearable vital signs monitor for non-invasive, continuous and remote patient monitoring.


Imagine just how many lives could be saved if a deterioration in people’s health was detected in time.

This underscores the healthcare sector’s growing need to push ahead with developments in digital health so that wearables for remote patient monitoring can soon be used across the board.

Waire Health’s technology was developed and brought to market by a group of medical experts in cooperation with five academic university hospitals, among others. Integrated within it is the caleragt sensor for measuring core body temperature.


caleragt is a solution that monitors core body temperature and is designed for widespread use in wearables and medtech applications.

The caleragt solution is also available as a white-label product for use in the medtech, sport and occupational safety and health sectors.


  • Non-invasive sensor technology for the seamless measurement of core body temperature
  • AI-based algorithm enables precise calculation and analysis of the data measured
  • Comfortable to wear, water resistant, disinfectable
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Easy to control via the app
  • Storage, analysis and monitoring of data via a cloud solution
  • Certified Swiss sensor technology