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Optimal heat training

Athletes use targeted heat training to condition their bodies to cool down more efficiently, but also to increase performance when their bodies heat up. CORE helps indoor cycling athletes in these special acclimatization tests.

CORE supports indoor cycling athletes during to control heat training


There’s no way around it – any indoor cycling athlete who hasn’t adjusted to heat conditions won’t deliver their personal best. When the body encounters temperatures to which it isn’t accustomed, it tries to reduce heat by drawing blood away from the muscles to cool down the skin. That means less oxygen for the muscles, and less power for the pedals.

Indoor cycling offers athletes an opportunity to adjust to heat. caleragt Sports further increases the effectiveness of heat training. Warm indoor temperatures, no refreshing breezes – these are ideal conditions for getting core body temperatures to the optimal heat training zone.

Sensors ensure that athletes have exactly the right thermal load – enough for effective training, not enough to wear themselves out. As with any form of training, gradual, regular doses are more effective than sporadic, excessive effort.


Continuous monitoring for optimal thermal regulation with the CORE Monitor.

The CORE Monitor is a compact wearable with integrated caleragt sensor technology, specifically developed to aid performance in elite sports.

CORE supplies real-time data, transferring it to the user’s choice of linked device. This data is synchronized with the CORE app and stored in the CORE cloud.

The caleragt solution from greenteg is an OEM solution for sports and wellness customers with mass market potential.


  • A light, compact, practical wearable; comfortable to wear
  • Affixes easily to a chest strap or as a medical patch directly on the user’s skin
  • Minimal, compact sensor with robust, patented Swiss sensor technology
  • Non-invasive, continuous real-time monitoring of core body temperature
  • Wireless connection and data transfer
  • Live data captured in the CORE app and compatible with Garmin, Wahoo, COROS and devices from many other manufacturers
  • Data stored in the CORE cloud
  • Technology can be combined with other sensor technologies and digital tools that support peak performance in sport