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Cooling strategy

In elite sports, athletes battle for every (milli)second. Optimal training preparation is essential, with the body’s own thermodynamic processes playing a key role. Pro cyclists place their trust in the thermal regulation of CORE, with integrated calera® sensors.

Professional cyclists rely on CORE with integrated caleragt sensor technology for thermoregulation


In high-performance sports, an athlete’s core body temperature can increase by up to 3°C. To reduce core body temperature towards an optimal level, the body activates its own cooling function – sweat. This process is controlled by blood circulation, which can produce a deficit in the muscles. So, when the body overheats, physical performance suffers.

In endurance sports and competition in countries with hot climates and high humidity, optimal thermal regulation is even more important. Pro cyclists employ a wide range of strategies and methods for cooling their core body temperature. As well as active cooling before, during and after competition, any successful cooling strategy will also incorporate optimal preparation.

For pro cyclists, that means a rigorous personal training plan. That’s where CORE comes in. During training sessions, it allows the athlete to test and evaluate their core body temperature under a wide range of conditions. Every change delivers valuable insights into the athlete’s individual limits. They can then compile this data to create a competition plan that pushes their peak sporting performance and aids regeneration.


Continuous monitoring for optimal thermal regulation with the CORE Monitor.

The CORE Monitor is a compact wearable with integrated caleragt sensor technology, specifically developed to aid performance in elite sports.

CORE supplies real-time data, transferring it to the user’s choice of linked device. This data is synchronized with the CORE app and stored in the CORE cloud.

The caleragt solution from greenteg is an OEM solution for sports and wellness customers with mass market potential.


  • A light, compact, practical wearable; comfortable to wear
  • Affixes easily to a chest strap or as a medical patch directly on the user’s skin
  • Minimal, compact sensor with robust, patented Swiss sensor technology
  • Non-invasive, continuous real-time monitoring of core body temperature
  • Wireless connection and data transfer
  • Live data captured in the CORE app and compatible with Garmin, Wahoo, COROS and devices from many other manufacturers
  • Data stored in the CORE cloud
  • Technology can be combined with other sensor technologies and digital tools that support peak performance in sport