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Work place health monitoring

Extreme heat is making entire regions uninhabitable. And it is placing extreme strain on workers. calera® technology uses AI algorithms to ensure a safe, healthy working environment – despite heat and sun.

Core Body Temperature Sensor monitoring can be performed with an affordable, non-invasive and robust sensing device


In certain professions, heat makes work even more difficult and dangerous than it is under normal conditions. This becomes a problem when employees are exposed to extreme strain over longer periods. That’s when they need special protection.

caleragt inside is the world’s first non-invasive sensor that monitors core body temperature for hours at a time, in real time, with medical precision.

For fire crews, rescue services, military units, and companies that work in extreme conditions, calera® technology can provide vital insights into the performance of crews out in the field.


caleragt inside provide early warning of heat stress and other heat-related conditions by permanently monitoring core body temperature.

The heat flux sensor is integrated into a compact, comfortable wearable that can be worn as a chest strap, upper arm band or as a patch during work or at night.

This modern technology is compatible with many commercially available devices and can be integrated into cloud solutions and third-party gateway infrastructures (cockpit).


  • Non-invasive, continuous, precise monitoring of core body temperature in real time
  • Light, compact, robust wearable
  • Very comfortable, water-resistant, easy to clean with disinfectant
  • Wireless connection
  • Data transfer and storage over several hours
  • Precise data recording for improved safety records
  • Simple, intuitive control via app
  • Compatible with Garmin, iOS and Android smartwatches and smartphones
  • Operational monitoring of workplace safety via a cloud solution
  • Collective storage, analysis and monitoring of data via third-party gateway infrastructures (cockpit)
  • Certified Swiss sensor technology