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Wireless gateways for wearables

Maintaining an overview: this creates safety and promotes efficiency. In some cases, it can even save lives. Discover the benefits of seamless data management with greenteg's wireless gateway solutions.


Wireless gateways enable the connection of multiple networks to an existing host system. With CORE Monitor and caleragt Inside Wearables, greenteg enables a wireless gateway solution in the beta version.

The wearables can be connected to cell phones or tablets via the CORE app. Via the CORE Cloud, the data collected from the wearables converge and are displayed on a clear dashboard view. This gives managers a real-time overview of the current situation.

Wireless gateways manage networks automatically. Since they do not need to be configured, new devices can be added quickly. This scalable technology makes it possible to monitor the health and safety of people in work safety, healthcare, or competitive sports.

Only in some places can it transmit data to the CORE Cloud via mobile devices. In this case, greenteg works with wireless gateway partners who excel in the uncomplicated connection and installation of their wireless gateway solutions.

Application area

  • Monitoring the safety and health of employees in the workplace as prevention of heat-related accidents in high-risk occupations or countries with high temperatures
  • Monitoring vital signs of military corps or firefighters during training or in the field
  • Patient monitoring and remote monitoring of vital signs in older adults
  • Monitoring the performance of top athletes and sports teams in training or competition


caleragt Inside Wearables als Wireless Gateway Lösung und Management Cockpit über Cloud (Betaversion).

Für spezifische Wireless Gateway Lösungen arbeitet greenteg erfolgreich mit externen Gateway-Partnern zusammen.


  • Einfache Installation und Konfiguration über CORE App
  • Bluetooth Verbindung und sichere, lückenlose Datenerfassung über CORE Cloud
  • Automatisierter und lückenloser Zugriff auf sämtliche Daten (Live und aufgezeichnete) über Cockpit-Programm
  • Dashboard zur übersichtlichen Darstellung aller relevanten Messdaten
  • Speicherung aller Werte zum Vergleichen von Kennzahlen und Erkennen von Trends
  • Einfache und individuell spezifizierbare Plug-and-Play-Lösung

Gateway Partner

Die Wahl des richtigen Gateway Gerätes ist wichtig für den Erfolg eines Projekts. Mit diesen Gateway-Anbietern arbeiten wir erfolgreich zusammen.

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