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Heat flux analytics in the textile industry

High-tech fabrics are getting smarter all the time. Specifically developed for their thermal properties, they offer the wearer functionality, comfort and protection for sport, work and a huge range of other activities.

Our new calera technology for measuring core body temperature has been integrated into the Skiin system.


Heat flux sensors provide the textile industry with key parameters on the processing and material properties of fabrics. gSKINgt sensors can determine the thermal resistance (lambda value) of textiles.


gSKINgt sensor technology for measuring heat flux (lambda and/or U-values) of textiles and textile components.

With the gSKIN® DLOG data logger, innogt technology enables simple data analysis via certain devices or PC.


  • Miniaturized, compact and robust design
  • Various dimensions (diameter/size)
  • Special non-invasive, in-situ measuring technology for fabrics
  • Water-repellent, insensitive to pressure or vacuum
  • Temperature range from -50°C to 150 °C
  • Heat flux range -150/150 (kW/m2)
  • Ultra-high sensitivity
  • Adaptable dimensions, range of versions with connectors
  • Calibration according to conductive heat flux in accordance with ISO 8301 and ASTM C518-04
  • Wireless connection and data transfer
  • Patented Swiss sensor technology