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Calorimetric measurements in PNbO25

Increasingly powerful batteries with ever faster charging times: a case in which greenteg sensors supported calorimetric research tests on lithium-ion batteries at University of California laboratories.


A team of researchers from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California and UC Santa Barbara, led by Sun Woong Baek, examined the performance of PNb9O25 anodes in lithium-ion batteries.

In the tests, the instantaneous heat generation rates at the PNbO25 working electrode and the lithium metal counter electrode during galvanostatic cycling were measured individually for the first time using operando isothermal calorimetry.

greenteg’s gSKIN® XP sensor was used to measure the heat generation rate of the PNb9O25 and lithium metal electrodes.

The special anode material was characterized by its high operating voltage, which prevented SEI and improved the intercalation of lithium ions into the anode as a result. The tests demonstrated that PNb9O25 is well suited as a fast-charging anode material.


gSKIN® XP is a sensor for measuring the heat generation rate in lithium-ion batteries.