World’s First Fever Tracking Algorithm


Zurich, 4 November, 2022

This short article announces another breakthrough innovation from the R&D: The world’s first fever algorithm for continuous and non-invasive core body temperature tracking on the wrist.

Why is fever tracking on the wrist hard?

This is due to the thermoregulatory nature of the wrist. It goes down when a fever occurs because the body retracts all the heat into its center. When the body recovers from fever, the wrist temperature increases, while the core body temperature goes down to normal levels. Due to this condition, the wrist is one of the hardest spots to measure the core body temperature. But the new CALERA® algorithm, based on our heat flux sensor, accounts for this thermal resistance change in the human body.

What study validates this fever tracking algorithm?

In a study with the group of Jens Eckstein of the University of Hospital Basel, we collected data from 32 people. They consisted of 15 healthy participants and 17 participants receiving their second and third COVID-19 vaccinations, where fever is the common side effect. Based on this data, we developed a new wrist algorithm, which enables detecting fever and continuously tracking its development on the wrist wrist.

Corsano is one of the first customers that integrates this algorithm

Corsano Health integrated CALERA® core body temperature sensor solution for continuous and non-invasive core body temperature measurement into their multi-sensor bracelet: Cardiowatch 287 Bracelet. The wrist-worn device continuously monitors cardio-respiratory function in a non-invasive way. This way, medical professionals can gain earlier and deeper insights into cardio-respiratory health conditions. This development helps change people’s lives.

Corsano integrates this algorithm into their Cardiowatch 287 Bracelet

Dr. Lukas Durrer, CTO & Co-founder of greenteg expressed his optimism at how this technology will play a key role in future pandemic monitoring.

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