Wearable Technologies Conference April 2024


greenteg Co-founder to Speak on Integrating Core Body Temperature and Heat Flux Sensors into Wearable Technologies

greenteg, a leading provider of cutting-edge sensor technology, announces its co-founder, Dr. Lukas Durrer, as a keynote speaker at the upcoming WT Conference Europe 2024. Lukas will present on the revolutionary topic of "Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation with Wearables," focusing on the integration of core body temperature and heat flux sensors into wearable technologies.

These sensors, developed by greenteg, offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability in monitoring vital physiological parameters. With the ability to seamlessly integrate into wearable devices, they empower users to track their core body temperature continuously and non-invasively.

Lukas's presentation will shed light on the transformative potential of these sensors in various domains, including healthcare, fitness, and performance optimization. By harnessing the power of greenteg's technology, wearable devices can provide real-time insights into users' health and well-being, enabling proactive measures for prevention, personalized treatment, and effective rehabilitation.

Attendees of the WT Conference Europe 2024 can look forward to gaining invaluable insights into the future of wearable technologies and the role of core body temperature and heat flux sensors in driving innovation in this rapidly evolving field.

For more information about greenteg's OEM integration solutions for core body temperature and heat flux sensors, visit their website: