Stanford Researchers Winner of greenteg's First Call for Proposals


Zürich, 10th June 2024 — greenteg announces researchers from Stanford University as winners of 1st Call for Sleep Research Proposals. Now accepting applications for 2nd Call. Deadline of submission on August 15, 2024.

Advancing Sleep Research with Precise Core Body Temperature Monitoring

One of greenteg's flagship products, CALERA® Research, is dedicated to supporting researchers and studies where accurate, non-invasive monitoring of core body temperature is vital. In line with greenteg’s commitment to advancing scientific knowledge in this area, a first Call to Researchers for Sleep Study Proposals was launched to encourage and support innovative research.

Stanford University Researchers Win First Call for Proposals

In May 2024, greenteg concluded its first call for sleep research proposals. Researchers from Stanford University—Professor Jamie Zeitzer, Lara Weed, and Dr. Renske Lok (left to right on photo)—have been selected for their study. Their research will focus on the interaction between sleep, central and peripheral oscillators, and menstrual phase, aiming to understand its collective impact on overall health and well-being. Core body temperature changes will serve as a key metric in their research.

To support their study, the winners have been granted 10 CALERA® Research devices. These devices are designed to provide precise core body temperature data, enhancing their research efforts and leading to more comprehensive and accurate findings.

Core Body Temperature and Sleep Research

CALERA® Research has been effectively applied across diverse fields of study, providing valuable data crucial for research purposes.

"CALERA® Research is our core body temperature solution, designed for accuracy and ease of use. It's the only non-invasive CBD monitor, making it easier for participant compliance. We're proud to see our technology making a real impact in circadian rhythm studies," shared Jacob Huber, Vice President of Business Development at greenteg.

Beyond its widespread application, greenteg recognizes the instrumental role of core body temperature data in sleep research, highlighting its significant correlation with sleep patterns. Understanding these mechanisms not only provides insights into broader diagnostic and treatment strategies but also underscores core body temperature's pivotal role in regulating sleep cycles and quality.

Now Accepting Proposals for Second Call

Following the positive response to the 1st edition, greenteg AG (Switzerland) is excited to launch the 2nd edition of its Call for Research Proposals for innovative sleep research projects in 2024.

With its clinically validated core body temperature solution, CALERA® Research, greenteg AG and its network of research partners are advancing the study of circadian rhythms by incorporating core body temperature fluctuation data into sleep research for both remote and traditional clinical trials at scale.

How to Apply

Interested individuals may fill out the application form available at Applications must be submitted by August 15, 2024.

Successful participants will receive up to 10 CALERA® Research devices along with analytic support. Winners will be announced via press release and published on greenteg and partner digital platforms by September 2024.

CALERA® Research, Revolutionizing Research Technology

CALERA® Research is a Swiss-patented core body temperature monitor that eliminates external environmental influences, delivering accurate results independent of the user's physical activity level or external conditions. Data is easily collected remotely, continuously, and non-invasively through simple skin contact, thereby increasing participant efficacy.

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