Preferred Partner at ams OSRAM


greenteg Named Preferred Partner at ams OSRAM

ams OSRAM, a global leader in sensor and semiconductor technology, has designated greenteg as one of their preferred partners. This collaboration advances consumer health-wearable technology with an additional health matrix for core body temperature tracking.

Through the integration of our CALERA® technology, we offer a comprehensive reference design, incorporating the gSKIN XU heat flux sensor, ams OSRAM's AS6221 skin temperature sensor, and a machine learning-based core temperature algorithm.

Together, we're paving the way for advanced wearable technology that meets the needs of the health-conscious consumer; while delivering accuracy in self-health monitoring thanks for core body temperature tracking.

Our combined solution sets new standards in professional-grade health monitoring, which promises a fast track for prototyping and provides a competitive, overall offering to end customers.

Stay tuned as we continue to collaborate with industry leaders to push the boundaries of technological innovation. For more information about our partnership with ams OSRAM, visit