Hybrid ScanWatch 2, can now track core body temperature continuously 24/7


greenteg’s CALERA® technology provides temperature tracking in new generation hybrid, health-monitoring wristwatch.

With the integration of greenteg's CALERA® technology, the latest hybrid ScanWatch2 from the company WITHINGS offers a revolutionary advancement for the health-conscious consumer who are keen to monitor and have data regarding their health and well-being.

The ScanWatch2 is a new generation of Hybrid Smart Watches

Wearers of ScanWatch2 can access real-time insights of their health vitals, gaining a deeper understanding of their body's responses to environmental factors and physical influences. WITHINGS hybrid watches have health as their priority focus. ScanWatch2 is a wristwatch providing a single-lead medically cleared ECG function with atrial fibrillation detection with the ability to continuously monitor health biomarkers such as body temperature, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and female menstrual cycles.

WITHINGS’ new ScanWatch2 can be pre-ordered now in various designs through their website and was launched during the Berlin IFA trade fair held in Germany September 2023.

Optimizing consumer wearables

CALERA®’s wearable sensor technology tracks core body temperature continuously and non-invasively via a miniaturized heat flux sensor. Traditional methods of monitoring core body temperature often require intrusive methods and sporadic measurements.

By integrating CALERA® core body temperature monitoring sensors in consumer wearables individuals can observe patterns and correlations 24/7. This information holds the potential to guide lifestyle choices, optimize fitness routines, and alert users to potential health concerns.

"We are proud to announce that WITHINGS has integrated our CALERA® technology in their new generation of hybrid watches, ScanWatch2. CALERA® is a unique sensor technology for core body temperature monitoring, meeting the demands of the growing health-conscious consumer market segment,” said Dr. Lukas Durrer, greenteg's Co-Founder. “This collaboration embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, ultimately empowering individuals to take charge of their health like never before."


WITHINGS created the first smart scale in 2009 and has been the pioneer in connected health ever since. Its clinically validated and multi-award-winning range is used by millions worldwide and includes smart scales, hybrid watches, blood pressure monitors, sleep analyzers, and more. The team of engineers, data scientists, and healthcare professionals at WITHINGS work alongside clinical experts to make it possible to take medical-grade measurements at home. WITHINGS was the first to bring measurements for pulse wave velocity and electrodermal activity into the home – finding ever more precise ways to measure our health. WITHINGS Health Solutions, its dedicated division serving healthcare professionals across chronic disease prevention and management, remote patient monitoring, clinical research, and more, helps bridge the gap between patients and their care teams.

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