greenteg premieres CALERA® Inside at A+A Trade Show 2023


Meet us in A+A trade show in, from 24th – 27th October at Hall 04, B32.

greenteg will premiere its remote core body temperature monitor CALERA® Inside at the A+A trade fair. A+A trade fair is to focus on the theme “People Matter” focuses on workplace safety and health. From wearable technologies to advanced safety systems, A+A 2023 showcases the latest advancements that promise to revolutionize workplace safety. This event is not just a trade fair; it's a hub of knowledge exchange and collaboration that empowers professionals to create safer, healthier work environments.

We are excited to present greenteg’s work safety solution, CALERA® Inside.

This sensor technology can continuously and non-invasively monitor core body temperature with a miniaturized heat flux sensor. Combined with a powerful algorithm and a patented thermal integration design, unprecedented insights into body temperature fluctuations are provided. This continuous monitoring solution provides data to employers, offering them the opportunity to make informed decisions in preventing health-related accidents and illnesses.

At A+A trade show we will be demonstrating the multiple benefits of our technology and how our partnerships are opening new horizons in work safety.

Visit us at our solution Hall 04, B32! Meet our team Holger Hendrichs (VP of Sales), David Gerritzen (Business Development Work-safety) and Fabrizio Incoronato (Business development representative – OEM integration) at our booth!

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