greenteg joins the Sleep Research Society Foundation as Jade Sponsor


greenteg is pleased to announce our partnership with the Sleep Research Society Foundation (USA) as a Jade Sponsor, underlining our commitment to supporting the advancement of data driven research and development.

Acknowledging that a significant portion of human life is spent in sleep, the importance of quality sleep is comparable to fundamental necessities such as food, water, and air. Extensive research spanning decades has unequivocally established the critical role of sufficient sleep in maintaining both physical and mental health. Emerging investigations are revealing correlations between health, well-being, and sleep patterns. Given the circadian regulation of body temperature [1], greenteg directs its focus towards comprehending this intricate correlation.

The Sleep Research Society plays a pivotal role for scientific investigators, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration within the realm of sleep research. Initiatives such as the annual SLEEP meeting and the Advances in Sleep and Circadian Science conference provide essential platforms for presenting cutting-edge research and facilitating discussions, that nurtures the next generation of researchers to the field.

In the capacity of a Jade Sponsor, we are honored to contribute to the Sleep Research Society Foundation's initiatives, actively fostering innovation and progress in the scientific community. Through this strategic partnership, we look forward to making meaningful contributions to the broader mission of optimizing health and well-being.