Greenteg invited to showcase its Innovative Solutions to Japanese Ministerial Delegation


Wulf Glatz, CEO, and co-founder of greenteg, had the honor of presenting the company's innovative solutions to Minister Yoshitaka Shindo, the Japanese Minister of Economic and Fiscal Policy, and his delegates at VentureLab's startup space in Zurich, Switzerland. The focus of the discussion was on Switzerland's vibrant startup ecosystem and its global impact, supported by effective mechanisms for deeptech entrepreneurship.

greenteg was highlighted as an exemplary company, showcasing its successful expansion into the global market. During the presentation, Wulf Glatz emphasized key achievements, including the noteworthy partnership with the Japanese Space Mission and the utilization of greenteg sensor technology by CORE athletes, contributing to multiple gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

The event underscored our company’s commitment to international collaborations, with special acknowledgment given to Japanese partners Autex Inc. Wearable, Sensortechnos Inc., and Nishiyama Corporation, for their enduring contributions to shared endeavours.

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