greenteg’s CALERA® technology certified in South Africa for the mining industry


Zürich, 24 January 2023.

The greenteg (Switzerland) and Schauenburg Systems (South Africa) partnership is recognized as benefiting work-safety in South African mines

MASC certification for core body temperature powered by CALERA®

The certification awarded by the MASC (Mining and Surface Certification). It is the largest certification body for product certification in South Africa. With this certification, MASC acknowledges greenteg's core body temperature monitor technology, powered by CALERA®, for its performance to deliver accurate, reliable data. The information gathered are crucial to prevent operational risk to ensure the safety of workers in high-rish environments.

Schauenburg Systems integrates greenteg's core body temperature monitor powered by CALERA® technology

Schauenburg Systems is a company that delivers technology solutions to prevent operational risk in mining industry. The company is partnering with greenteg since 2020 - integrating CALERA® technology in their safety solutions that continuously monitor workers’ core body temperature. The generated data is relayed to an application which displays the results in an easy-to-use monitor.

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