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Laser sensors for laboratories

gRAYgt sensors from greenteg are used to monitor and control a range of laser systems in various fields of academic and industrial research.

gRAYgt sensors by greenteg monitors and controls various laser systems various applications in academic and industrial research


gRAYgt sensors are used in a wide range of applications in academic laboratories and company research and development departments:

  • Sporadic calibration of optical configuration in short and ultrashort pulse lasers 
  • Permanent integration into an optical setup for continuous monitoring of laser output
  • Selective use in maintenance and repair work on larger laser systems
  • Regular use in laser tests for quality control

gRAYgt sensors are also used in the same areas of application and can measure not only output but also beam position.


gRAYgt sensors for monitoring laser output and beam position in research and development.

With their compact design, gRAYgt laser performance detectors can be integrated into portable measurement devices.


  • Flexible, precise measurement of laser output in real time
  • Sensor elements are easy to integrate
  • Thermal sensors allow for beam output independent of the wavelength of the laser
  • Wide spectrum range (UV to MIR), output spectrum: 10 μW to 50 W
  • Rapid response time
  • Compact, robust design
  • Slender profile enables direct integration into circuit boards
  • High tolerance in terms of sensor setup; the signal is less dependent on the incidence angle and position of the beam