We make Thermal Energy Transfer Sensors for
Wearable Technologies, Building and R&D applications
Core Body Temperature Sensors for Wearable Technologies and Medtech applications.
Heat Flux Sensors for Building Insulation Assessment: U-value, R-value and temperature measurements.
R & D
Heat Flux Sensors for various R&D applications and laser power/position measurements.

The combination of Recon Health’s novel Health System-on-a-Chip technology and greenTEG’s industry-leading core body temperature solution will allow to better monitor patients at home and to address more health conditions as compared to products on the market today.

Scott McMillan
Recon Health co-founder

With Heat Flux Sensors from greenTEG, we are able to measure the thermal behavior of Li-ion batteries under load. The data acquired from the heat flux sensors during thermal characterization tests helps us to parametrize and validate thermal battery models, which are used for the design of battery modules and their cooling systems.

Klee Barillas
Li-Ion battery researcher from the ZSW in Germany

Our group at AIT works on the thermal design and the electro-thermal simulation of battery modules and systems. gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensors help us to determine parameters and to evaluate both the models and the design without requiring a large calorimeter. The voltage response of the sensors is in the range of those of thermocouples, therefore allowing for an easy integration in our test benches.

Hartmut Popp
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Mobility Department

At our Battery Calorimetry Lab the gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor facilitates the determination of the heat transfer coefficient for Lithium-ion batteries that is necessary to transfer the measured temperature data into heat data. These data help to improve the thermal management system for the batteries, making them much safer.

Dr. Carlos Ziebert
Head of the Battery Calorimeter Lab at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute for Applied Materials–Applied Materials Physics

The knowledge of heat and mass transfer coefficients in specific dryers is an essential basis for numerical drying simulations and understandings to optimize product properties.

Dr. Philip Scharfer
Head Thin Film Technology (TFT) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Having access to a highly accurate, reliable and easy to use sensor has helped us a lot in measuring the performance of our Phase Change Material energy storage units. Using greenTEG’s sensors has allowed us to better understand and further improve our products.

Martin Schröcker
CEO, GlassX AG
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