greenTEG makes thermal energy transfers for Wearable Technologies, Building and R&D applications. This page sums up the testimonials of the companies and the universities that trusted our technology.

Testimonials | Wearable Technologies

Core body temperature for OEM integration and B2B / White Labeling

The combination of Recon Health’s novel Health System-on-a-Chip technology and greenTEG’s industry-leading core body temperature solution will allow to better monitor patients at home and to address more health conditions as compared to products on the market today.

Scott McMillan

CEO, Recon Health

Core body temperature for oem integration
Corsano Health – Learn more here.

Our deep and friendly collaboration realized Cardiowatch 287, a validated medical grade, multi-sensor, convenient bracelet for continuous monitoring of cardio-respiratory function, an important and revolutionary solution that will help save lives!

Peter Stras

CEO, Corsano Health

Wearable Wireless Gateways
Leitwert – Find out more here.

It is amazing on how many levels greenTEG and Leitwert complement each other. From early prototyping to medical use-cases, a truly great partnership with many chapters still to be written.

Lukas Gasser

co-founder, Leitwert

Emitu – Discover more here.

greenTEG is the leader in core body temperature monitoring, having developed the world’s first core body temperature sensor for continuous and non-invasive measurements. With the COVID-19 pandemic, health has become an even more critical issue along with individuals and organizations. We partnered with greenTEG to provide an easy-to-use solution using the high accuracy CORE sensors to help maintain people safe.

Nuno Gonçalves

CEO, Emitu

Core body temperature for Sport Performance Evaluation

Testimonials Kristian Blummenfelt
Kristian Blummenfelt – Full testimonial

The reason why we’re measuring the core temperature all the time is to get a better understanding of the intensity versus the output. We’ve measured the power on the bike and then see how it compares to my heart rate. And now we can even do it with the core temperature to see how much the core is increasing at a high intensity in the same way we can see how the heart rate is ramping up and up and up and maybe even getting to a plateau

Kristian Blummenfelt

Olympic Gold medallist and Ironman World Champion

Testimonials Olav Aleksander Bu
Olav Aleksander Bu – Full testimonial

The really true value of it, compared to, for example a pill, is that we can collect data continuously over time, every training session, because it just sits on the heart rate monitor belt. So, when you bring on your heart rate monitor belt it’s there, and we get the data along with power, heart rate, core temperature and other metrics too. And for those big trends there’s nothing that beats it.

Olav Aleksander Bu

Elite Coach of the Norwegian Triathlon Team

Testimonials | Building and R&D Sensing Solutions

Building Sensing

testimonials cornell
testimonials liege

Suesser, Thomas, and Timur Dogan. “Campus energy model: using a semi-automated workflow to build spatially resolved campus building energy models for climate change and net-zero scenario evaluation.” Proceedings of the 15th IBPSA Conference, San Francisco, CA, USA7. 2017.

Attia, Shady, et al. “Developing a benchmark model for renovated, nearly zero-energy, terraced dwellings.” Applied Energy 306 (2022): 118128.

More peer-reviewed publications for building are available here.

R&D Sensing

testimonials AIT

At our Battery Calorimetry Lab the gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor facilitates the determination of the heat transfer coefficient for Lithium-ion batteries that is necessary to transfer the measured temperature data into heat data. These data help to improve the thermal management system for the batteries, making them much safer.

Hartmut Popp

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Mobility Department

testimonials greenteg

The knowledge of heat and mass transfer coefficients in specific dryers is an essential basis for numerical drying simulations and understandings to optimize product properties.

Dr. Philip Scharfer

Head Thin Film Technology (TFT) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

They also trusted our technology to generate high-quality publications in peer-reviewed journals:

Testimonials UCLA
testimonials ETH Zurich

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Baek, Sun Woong, et al. “Potentiometric entropy and operando calorimetric measurements reveal fast charging mechanisms in PNb9O25.” Journal of Power Sources 520 (2022): 230776.

testimonials logo
testimonials kings college london

LaPotin, Alina, et al. “Thermophotovoltaic efficiency of 40%.” Nature 604.7905 (2022): 287-291.

Trosheva, Maria A., Mark A. Buckingham, and Leigh Aldous. “Direct measurement of the genuine efficiency of thermogalvanic heat-to-electricity conversion in thermocells.” Chemical Science 13.17 (2022): 4984-4998.

More peer-reviewed publications for R&D are available here.


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