Heat Flux Sensor – gSKIN®-XP

R & D
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Heat Flux Sensor – gSKIN®-XP by greenTEG

Discover our medium-sized heat flux sensor, with superior quality, accuracy, and responsiveness!

Our Heat Flux Sensor – gSKIN®-XP is suited for a broad range of application from R&D, thermal optimization, energy efficiency, industrial monitoring of thermal properties.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-high resolution of thermal energies and temperature differences.
  • Low invasiveness and thickness.
  • Models with connector compatible with all gSKIN®DLOG Data Loggers.
  • All sensors with conductive heat flux calibration cohering to ISO 8301.
  • Product: gSKIN® XP
  • Sensing Dimensions (mm): 10.0 x 10.0 x 0.5
  • Heat Flux Range Min / Max [kW/m²]: -150 / 150
  • Noise Equivalent Heat Flux per area [W/m²] / absolute [μW]: 0.073 / 7.3 (experimentally evaluated values under optimal steady state conditions).
  • Detector Type: Thermoelectric
  • Temperature Difference Resolution [μK]: ~30
  • Surface Material (Sensing Area): Aluminum
  • Max. Compressive Force when clamped [kgf]: < 10
  • Response Time (0-95%) [s]: 0.7 (Refers to the heat flux measurement).
  • Operating Temperature Range Min/Max [°C]: -50 / 150
  • Min /Avg. Sensitivity (S) [μV/(W/m²)]: 10.0/20.0 (only a reference point)
  • Calibration Accuracy [±%]: 3
  • Homogeneity [±%]: 1 (Position dependent signal change across sensing area).
  • Thermal Conductivity [W/(m*K)]: ∼1.2
  • Linearity with Power [±%]: 1
  • Temperature Dependence of S [%/°C]: 0.25 (The sensitivity increases (decreases) as the temperature goes above (below) 22.5°C).
  • Electrical Resistance [Ohm]: < 150
  • Heat Flux Resolution per area [W/m2] with gSKIN® DLOG / absolute [μW]: 0.09 / 9.0 (Guaranteed minimum heat flux resolution using the gSKIN® DLOG-4219).
  • Calibration Temperature Range Min/Max [°C]: -30 / 70 (Conductive heat flux calibration cohering to the ISO8301 standard with mean temperature of 22.5°C).
  • Flexprint Length (f) [cm]: 5

Various R&D applications:

  • Battery Calorimetry: more documentation available here.
  • Thermal optimization
  • Energy efficiency
  • Industrial monitoring of thermal properties.

All the use cases are available here!

To discover more application, check our peer-reviewed publication section!

Korobeinichev, O. P., Kumaran, S. M., Raghavan, V., Trubachev, S. A., Paletsky, A. A., Shmakov, A. G., … & Kasymov, D. P. (2022). Investigation of the impact of pinus silvestris pine needles bed parameters on the spread of ground fire in still airCombustion Science and Technology, 1-23.


To discover more application, check our peer-reviewed publication section!

The R&D sensor product datasheet is available here.