CALERA Development Kit

Price on request

Core Body Temperature for OEM integration

into Wearable and MedTech applications


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The CALERA® development kit will allow you to prototype the thermal integration of our gSKIN-XU sensor into your own wearable. Suitable for various OEM integration applications from remote patient monitoring, fever monitoring, fertility tracking elder care, and Workplace Health & Safety applications!

Features & Benefits

  • A set of gSKIN-XU sensors.
  • Sensor boards populated and unpopulated.
  • All components of greenTEG’s reference design.
  • Several kinds of thermal integration materials.
  • Reference devices for testing the quality of the integration.
  • CORE devices for testing and evaluation.
  • For wrist integration: gSkin BodyTempWatch.
  • Arduino + read-out algorithm.
  • Consulting hours (4 hours for chest dev. kit, 8 hours for wrist dev. kit).
  • CALERA® quickstart guide, warranty and manual.

Read more about our successful OEM integration projects:

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The CALERA® technology has been developed and validated by more than 10 clinical trials showing for all position, clinical grade accuracy.

Access one of the four validation studies available:

The datasheet is available here.

The CALERA development kit can use two apps:


  • CORE app for Sport Science performance

Download app


Download app


  • CALERAresearch app for research and B2B applications


Download app


Download app


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