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This IoT-based technology offers a great support for the development of future technologies for Remote Patient Monitoring, Workplace Health and Safety, Sleep and Fertility tracking.
Core Body Temperature Sensors for Wearable and MedTech applications

A Unique Patented Technology designed for OEM Integration, White Labeling and Research applications

The technology backbone : A compact and miniature sensor & AI-based algorithm to support three sensing solutions designed to suit your application needs: 

Building Sensing Solutions

Our building sensing solutions can allow the measurement of U-value, R-value, heat flux, ambient temperature and surface temperature.

greenTEG’s gSKIN U-Value Measurement Solutions can be used in-situ, and are compatible with ISO-9869 and ASTM C1046/C1155. The U-Value kit is used for a wide range of Industrial solutions, ranging from Retrofitting, Building Energy Compliance to testing novel construction materials.

R & D Sensors

gSKIN® heat flux sensors, small heat flux sensors with high sensitivity, easily integrated into your experimental set up for research and industrial applications!

gSKIN® heat flux sensors are very versatile and can be suited for a broad range of applications:

  • Phase Change Material (PCM)
  • Battery Calorimetry
  • Foulling Detection
  • MAssflow measurement
  • Thermal Influences in precision intrusments
  • Cryogenic environments
  • Solar Measurement

Ultra-Thinness, High Sensitivity and Response Time are several features that favour the use of gSKIN® sensors in cutting edge research. gSKIN® sensors have a strong track record of being used in prestigious research institutions across the World.

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