Wireless Gateways for Wearables
wearable wireless gateways

Wireless Gateways & Cockpit Functions for Wearables

This short application note describes how to connect the CORE sensor to a wireless gateway. Various wearable wireless gateways are also presented with a short preview of their corresponding cockpit functions. For more question about gateways compatibility, contact us!

What is a Wireless Gateway network?

Gateways for Wearables

By definition, a wireless gateway network is a data communication device that provides a remote network with connectivity to a host network. It provides communication to a remote network or an autonomous system that is out of reach for the host network nodes.

greenTEG provides freely its own CORE cloud dashboard which gives the user the ability to see instantaneously live data and historic data of all “owned” CORE devices linked to a particular CORE cloud account. This functionality is of particular interest for use cases where it is required to record the vital signs of a team of several workers or operators simultaneously.

The data collection on the CORE cloud requires the user to have the CORE connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone acting as a gateway. For specific use cases, greenTEG identified and partnered with external providers of gateways offering various Cockpit functions detailed in the following.

How important are wireless gateways for Wearables ?

One of the main reasons for using a gateway system with wearables is to automatically and remotely gather measurement data from devices with a minimum user interaction. This leverages remote monitoring of many different sensors simultaneously, instead of using e. g. mobile phone applications that would often require one-to-one pairing with a single sensor.

The wireless connection to a local (or remote) network of the gateway furthermore facilitates routing the measurement data to a central server for further processing. This could also simply be a display device showing a dashboard with live data.

Furthermore, gateway networks usually support roaming. This means that different nodes will coordinate connections while a device travels through the gateway network.

wireless gateways

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For which applications, wireless gateways are required ?

Wireless gateways experience an increasing demand due to the broad range of application where they can be employed with wearable technologies.

Are you looking for a plug-and-play wireless solution to monitor the health of your workers or team?

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Which wireless gateways can be used with greenTEG’s sensors ?

The choice of wireless gateways is important to ensure the best user experience and data collection from your wearable device. Find below a list of the current wireless gateways compatible with greenTEG’s technology.

Wearable Wireless Gateways

Leitwert IoT Gateway

Leitwert, specialised in the support of clinical trial and hospital use cases, has partnered with greenTEG notably to support our own wearable sensing technology, CORE.

Robust solution to automatically capture data from Bluetooth devices, connect devices in locations with bad mobile reception, or to minimize required user interaction. The Linux based software can be deployed on any compatible hardware.

For more information about Leitwert, click here.
The Leitwert gateway instruction setup is available here.

wireless gateways

Emitu IoT Gateway Solution

Emitu offers enterprise-grade Internet of Things (IoT) solutions combining smart sensors and software to gain real-time visibility over asset operations, usage, and status. Emitu’s solution in combination with the CORE sensor allows to perform an effective remote and non-invasive health monitoring for a broad range of application from Eldercare, Healthcare to Workplace Health and Safety. Discover more about this partnership here.

For more information about Emitu’s solution, click here.
A complete brochure is available here.
The complete start-up guide is available here.

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WASP IoT Gateway Solution by North Pole Engineering

North Pole Engineering goal is connecting data to the internet, devices within ioT and people with solutions. North Pole solutions has been employed in combination with several smartwatches, fitness trackers and wearables solutions suited for sport performance evaluation such as CORE body temperature monitor.

More information available here. The Northpole/WASP Startup guide is available here. The Northpole/WASP temperature monitoring userguide is available here.

wireless gateways

MedM IoT Gateway Solution for Connected Health

MedM is the maker of award-winning remote care SaaS platform and family health monitoring apps. MedM software enables data collection from 600+ health IoT devices, sensors, and wearables, it is hosting- and platform-agnostic, and can be rapidly deployed as white-label solutions by care providers, device vendors, and system integrators in a matter of weeks.

More information available here.

Core body temperature monitor

CORE as a Wireless Gateway and Cockpit Solution

As CORE is using public Bluetooth & ANT+ profiles to transmit the temperature data. CORE can be used as a standalone wearable connected to any gateway solution. An API solution can also be provided with only restricted access to customer, e.g. for writing third party apps which connect to the CORE.

CORE offers also its own Cloud Cockpit solution, find out more here.

wearable wireless gateways

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