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Core Body Temperature for Wearable OEM Integration

Custom solutions or Wearable OEM integration products based on our premium sensing technology, Core Body Temperature monitoring.

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core body temperature for oem integration

Core Body Temperature is the choice parameter for determining an individual’s health status and monitoring physiological processes such as circadian rhythm, menstruation cycle, illness or physical activity. Core body temperature sensor integration is therefore key for your next wearable OEM integration project.

We target a wide range of applications in the MedTech and Wearable Technologies applications.

Our expertise to ease your Wearable OEM integration

10+ years of experience

greenTEG AG develops, manufactures, and markets thermal sensors for heat flux and laser power/position measurements and provides consulting on the thermal integration of its products into various Wearable Technologies.

Today, greenTEG supplies OEMs as well as scientists in corporate and university labs around the world with its unique products. Over the last decade, the quality, robustness and reliability of greenTEG’s OEM solutions have been tested and approved by many, in various fields of MedTech and Wearable applications.

core body temperature for OEM integration


provide you with a unique wearable OEM sensing solution


focus on your core activities and know-how


accelerate your go-to-market capability

Wearable custom solutions for your industrial application

core body temperature for oem integration

Our integration solutions are based on the greenTEG’s range of thermal sensing solutions favoured by industrial specialists for over a decade.

These custom solutions can be integrated directly into your system chain or adapted to best fit your production line to tackle key industrial challenges, including scalability and reliability.

Our multidisciplinary team of technical experts and engineer can guide you through all stages of your innovation project journey from the custom design of your OEM sensing solution to the prototyping and launch of your project.

Solution Design & Integration

greenTEG has the capability to develop your custom sensing solutions, with all the benefits of our expertise and experience, whether you require a complete Wearable OEM integration or a standalone B2B and White Labeling solution.

Wearable OEM integration

These solutions can be integrated directly into your system chain or adapted to match your production line. greenTEG’s production & process capabilities in a year:

  • Production of more than 500K sensor
  • Annual capability of over 2 millions on the current line
  • Strong scalability potential.
  • Customized OEM integration Wearable solutions

Wearable Technologies is a fast-growing market yet to be established and mature. Therefore, it is a real opportunity for industries that are looking for innovative and go-to-market projects. Wearable OEM integration solutions can help manufacturers expand their research & development, or allocate specific manufacturing expenses.

Custom solutions and OEM integration enable industrial companies:

  • To focus their resources on their core activities and know-how.
  • To accelerate their go-to-market capability.

greenTEG offers a multidisciplinary team that brings together expertise in thermal/electrical engineering and development as well as unique capabilities to accompany you in the development of your custom or OEM integration sensing solution.

Why choose greenTEG as your OEM integration partner ?

The world-leading Core Body Temperature monitoring technology with the most efficient go-to-market integration process.

core body temperature for b2b and white labeling