gOMS II – Wireless U-Value / R-Value Measurement System

2049,00 CHF

greenTEG’s second generation system for Wireless U-Value and R-Value assessment, scalable to 5 measurement points per system.

This wireless measurement system is perfect for energy expenditure, building envelope energy efficiency or building insulation assessment. This all-in-one device is suited for a broad range of building energy consumption setups.

Determine wirelessly and simultaneously:

  • The U-value of various building elements: Double glazing, windows, walls, roof, floor, façade.
  • The U-value of multiple construction materials: glass, brick, wood, Phase Change Materials (PCM), concrete and cavity wall!

Evaluate your energy expenditure from simple insulation building measurement to industrial or environmental climate chambers.

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Features & Benefits

  • Accurate U-value and R-value measurements
  • Wireless measurement set-up
  • 5 measurement points at once
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Measurement of surface, room and outdoor temperatures
  • ISO 9869 and ASTM 31046/C1155 verifying software
  • Weatherproof IP67 Nodes for year-round measurements


  • Article Number: A-258663
  • gOMS II kit Includes: Base Station Logging System w/ Charger; Versatile Measuring Nodes; Heat Flux and Surface Temperature Sensor; Surface Temperature Sensor; Ambient Temperature Sensor; Travel Case; Ambient Temperature Clips; Mounting Strips and Tape.
  • Node Battery Lifetime [Years]: 2
  • Base Station Battery Lifetime [Days]: 2
  • Measurement Standards: ISO 9869-1:2014, ASTM 31046 / ASTM C1155
  • Measurements Computed/Obtained: U-Value; R-Value; Heat Flux; Surface Temperature; Ambient Temperature
  • Wireless connection protocol: Sub-Ghz-link (868 / 915 MHz)
  • Building Insulation Evaluation
  • Building Envelope Performance Monitoring

All the use cases are available here!

To discover more application, check our peer-reviewed publication section!

To discover more application, check our peer-reviewed publication section!

The product datasheet is available here.