Covid-19 global preparedness
greenteg covid 19 global preparedness

greenTEG | Covid-19 global preparedness

Zurich, March 17th 2020

At greenTEG, our focus is to protect our employees, families, and communities, as well as serving our customers while we prevent the disease to spread out to more people.

We are following in real-time the COVID-19 outbreak as it unfolds globally. We acknowledge that the global pandemic is already taking a toll on people, companies and communities, and we have prepared an emergency plan to mitigate the worse effects for both our company and our treasured customers. This plan includes:

  1. Protective measures for our employees. We are encouraging remote working for all our employees where possible to prevent the virus from spreading. All business trips have been cancelled until further notice. However, we are still working. You can reach us as usual through email, phone or the website. Our company was already before this crisis well prepared for remote working, so we don’t expect any issues in this regard.
  2. The production lines are working to meet our customers’ requests. Production workers follow enhanced and stricter hygienic measures, starting from this week. Of course, that also applies to all orders processed and sent worldwide.
  3. As of now, our supply lines are secured. We might experience some delays and shortages of some materials in the future, but nothing serious as we have already prepared our stock level to deal with the current situation.
  4. Our management team is closely following government recommendations and mandates. In case more measures and further restrictions will be announced in Switzerland, we will update our COVID-19 emergency plan accordingly. Of course, we will update all our stakeholders as soon as we can.

We are facing a serious challenge worldwide. Our focus now is to help stop the virus. However, we also believe that this situation is temporary. In the meantime, you can still follow us on our website and social media, email us and also place your orders. We can’t guarantee our usual swift response, but we will do our best! And most importantly, we wish good health for you, your families, and your communities. Together we will endure and overcome this challenge.

Kind regards,

greenTEG’s Management Board