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A Selection of Heat Flux Sensor pdfs

This short article presents our selection of heat Flux Sensor pdfs, recommended by our team of experts for educational purposes!

Short teaser about Heat flux & Heat flux sensors

heat flux sensor pdf

Heat Flux is the rate of heat energy that passes through a surface. Depending on its exact definition, its unit can be expressed as either W/m2 or W. Temperature gradient in a given environment results in the creation of a heat that flows from the hot to the cold side of the given system. The thermal transfer coefficient of the given system is also important. Heat flux can be estimated with two different methods:

  • Directly with Heat Flux Sensors
  • Indirectly using Temperature Sensors.

A Heat Flux Sensor is a Seebeck sensor: When heat passes through the sensor, the sensor generates a voltage signal. This voltage signal is proportional to the heat passing through the sensor.

Thus, they can be used for many industrial or research applications implying a temperature gradient throughout a surface.

What is greenTEG’s recommended literature about heat flux ?

For more R&D and building applications, the following pdfs are available on our website:

  • The Science of Insulation: This document describes is a basic but complete Guide to the Science of Insulation. Available here.
  • A quick guide to Heat Flux Sensing Applications: In the following quick guide, we are introducing various applications carefully selected to show how heat flux sensing works. Available here.
  • A purchasing guide to heat flux sensors: How do I choose the right sensor for my experiment ? The answer is available here.
  • For Battery Calorimetry Applications: several interesting documents available here.
heat flux sensor pdf

For Wearable Technologies integration project, the following documents are available:

heat flux sensor pdf

Workplace Health & Safety Use Case: available here.

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