Heat Flux Sensor Manufacturers

What offer heat flux sensor manufacturers?

This short note presents a broad overview of the services and offers provided by heat flux sensor manufacturers, from the expertise, the products and related documents to the consultancy hours to accompany you in any thermal integration project.

Brief Introduction to heat flux sensing solutions

heat transfer

Heat Flux is the rate of heat energy that passes through a surface. Depending on its exact definition, its unit can be expressed as either W/m2 or W. Temperature gradient in a given environment results in the creation of a heat that flows from the hot to the cold side of the given system. The thermal transfer coefficient of the given system is also important. Heat flux can be estimated with two different methods:

  • Directly with Heat Flux Sensors
  • Indirectly using Temperature Sensors.

A Heat Flux Sensor is a Seebeck sensor: When heat passes through the sensor, the sensor generates a voltage signal. This voltage signal is proportional to the heat passing through the sensor.

Thus, they can be used for many industrial or research applications implying a temperature gradient throughout a surface.

What are the various kinds of heat flux sensing solutions ?

For more R&D and Building applications, the following off-the-shelves solutions are available:

  • gSKIN® XM 26 9C : Size of 4.4mm x 4.4mm & it resolves 0.41 W/m2 – 7.9 µW – 140 µK. More information here.
  • gSKIN® XP 26 9C : Size of 10mm x 10m and it resolves 0.09 W/m2 – 9 µW – 30 µK. More information here.
  • gSKIN® XI 26 9C : Size of 18mm x 18m and it resolves 0.03 W/m2 – 9 µW – 10 µK. More information here.

For Wearable Technologies integration project, the following solutions are available:

  • CALERA Development Kit suited for MedTech and Wearable applications. More information available here.
  • CALERA Research suited for a broad range of application that required higher-resolution heat flux or temperature data and who are looking to connect data in a logging mode (without any server connections). More information available here.

To learn more about the full product line for OEM applications, click here. For any of those solutions, our team of experts will accompany you in your project through a package of consultancy hours.

For which application, heat flux sensors can be used ?

Research Applications

heat transfer coefficient
Workplace Health & Safety

Industrial Applications

what is heat flux
Oil & Petroleum Industry

The following paragraph demonstrates the versatility of heat flux sensor technology through various industrial applications:

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