greenTEG & U-Blox’s technology
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greenTEG & U-Blox’s technology | greenTEG is implementing U-Blox’s technology into CORE

Zurich, June 3rd, 2020

At greenTEG, we have already finished the design of CORE, our latest venture. It`s a core body temperature monitoring device using our thermal energy transfer sensor to accurately measure real time body temperature. It can be used to track its users’ wellbeing status either at home or in the workplace, alerting them if the body temperature gets too high.

With the CORE device, data is gathered and send it to a smartwatch or smartphone for displaying. It communicates wirelessly using the u-blox NINA-B306 stand-alone Bluetooth 5 low energy module. This technical solution allows us to keep the size of the device to the minimum while offering the required connectivity options, memory, and reliability. It’s also low power consumption, allowing for long battery life. For more information, check the press release issued at u-blox’s website.

CORE is already in the production line and the first units are being already dispatched to clients. If you have questions, please contact us.