greenTEG & Solar Impulse Foundation Label
Solar Impulse Foundation Label

greenTEG’s Solar Impulse Foundation Label highlighted by Technology Fund Switzerland

greenTEG’s gO Measurement System has been recently awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation’s 1000 solutions label, which rewards efficient, clean, and profitable solutions with a positive impact on the environment and quality of life. The label recognizes the potential of our gO Measurement System for improving insulation and energy efficiency in buildings. Our solution has the potential of saving 3274 tons of Co2 in Switzerland alone.

The Swiss Technology Fund has recently caught up with this award and shared the complete list of companies in its portfolio awarded with the 1000 solutions label. Besides greenTEG, the list includes several other innovative Swiss companies with a focus on combining profitability and climate protection.

At greenTEG, we are grateful to receive the award from the Solar Impulse Foundation and we also want to thank the Technology Fund for their publication. We will continue with our mission and commitment to design and produce products which have both a real value for the customer and a positive impact on the world. Thanks a lot!

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