greenTEG & Leitwert Partnership
greenteg Leitwert partnership

Latest news: greenTEG Leitwert Partnership!

greenTEG and Leitwert Partnering for Automated and Continuous CORE Body Temperature Monitoring Solution!

With greenTEG’s CORE growing prominence for its leading core body temperature monitoring capabilities and Leitwert’s extensive experience on internet of things (IoT) technology and continuous patient monitoring, a strategic collaboration was set to deliver a unique continuous vital sign monitoring solution.

CORE is greenTEG’s ready-to-use wearable for continuous core body temperature monitoring. At its backbone lies greenTEG’s unique patented gSKIN® XU sensor technology, enabling non-invasive and accurate monitoring. Leitwert provides first-class software libraries for seamless device connectivity and the Device Hub IoT platform to manage and update device fleets and integrate their data streams into applications for clinical research and healthcare.

greenteg leiwert partnership

These tech leaders have together developed a full-on plug-and-play solution for automated and continuous core body temperature monitoring. The solution encompasses the monitoring and data tracking of greenTEG’s CORE sensor. The monitoring capability is facilitated by Leitwert’s state-of-the-art data capture infrastructure, allowing data from the CORE to be easily acquired by users themselves at nursing homes, hospitals, and other real-life settings.

The solution extends superior monitoring capabilities beyond a controlled stationary environment. Vital signs are captured and displayed automatically in near real-time. This opens the door to more efficient and scalable data aggregation, allowing users to meet the increasing requirements put forward by market regulators in an economical way.

Early customers in Switzerland are currently using this advanced automated and continuous data collection solution. greenTEG and Leitwert are ready to demonstrate the technology to interested parties in the medical and clinical research sector and implement pilot installations for continuous patient monitoring in healthcare settings.

About greenTEG

greenTEG develops and manufactures advanced sensing solutions for thermal energy monitoring at real-time. These solutions are available for both research and industry purposes, including applications in the fields of R&D, building, and wearables. greenTEG’s latest solution is the first sensor for non-invasive and continuous core body temperature monitoring, ready to be embedded in wearables in the fields of, sports, healthcare, and general wellbeing. greenTEG is headquartered in Zürich-Rümlang, Switzerland.

About Leitwert

Leitwert offers device manufacturers first-class software libraries for seamless device connectivity and the Device Hub IoT platform to efficiently manage and update their device fleet. The Device Hub is an open platform, which integrates wearables as data sources for clinical studies and digital healthcare applications for inpatient and outpatient care. Customers and partners include leading Swiss wearable manufacturers, hospitals, and research institutions. Leitwert is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland.