Firefighters training from Taichung City Fire Dept in Taiwan


See our core body temperature sensor in action!

Kermil Tech, our specialized reseller in Taiwan sent us this powerful clip of our caleragt inside wearable sensor in action. This interesting video shows a firefighter training from Taichung City Fire Department using core body temperature sensor from greenteg. The condition and the training done in such environments reflect what often happens in real disaster relief scenes. Therefore, the role of physiological monitoring of firefighters is very crucial to keep their safety.

Based on the training, the organization confirms that the core temperature monitor provides accurate and real-time monitoring of the physiological safety of firefighters during high-intensity training in confined spaces.

It is our delight that our wearable core body temperature sensor delivers accurate and continuous data of workers in such similar risky environments. As a device, it is also non-invasive, comfortable and easy to use.

We look forward to helping more organizations provide efficient, affordable solutions to prevent them from injuries or overheating. Learn more about it here

Watch the video

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