Sentinel and greenteg's partnership


Zürich. February 8th, 2023

Sentinel and greenteg teaming up to provide advanced core body temperature monitoring for SafeGuard®

Heat-related stress is one of major challenges for workers as it can impact their vigilance, concentration, decision-making and the execution of physical skills. To optimize the safety and protection of workers, Sentinel - a US company providing integrated, customized measurements and insights to monitor and prevent risk - is collaborating with greenteg.
Sentinel integrates our CORE sensing platform (based on our CALERA ® solution) into its SafeGuard® application, a wearable solution providing real-time biophysiological and environment data for workers. It monitors the safety of multiple workers continuously, simultaneously. This way, organizations can prevent and reduce the risk of injuries.

We look forward to continuing this partnership with Sentinel and other organizations to optimize workplace health and safety.

greenteg supports industry who are interested to use our technology in the world-safety sector. For more information please contact us at info@greenteg.com

(Images: Sentinel)

greenteg and Sentinel did demos at CES 2023

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