Core Body Temperature Sensor for Wearable and Med-Tech Applications

Core body temperature is a vital parameter for determining an individual’s health status. greenTEG offers the world’s first core body temperature sensor for continuous and non-invasive measurements. The miniaturized sensor is ideal for the integration into wearable and med-tech devices with skin contact.  We also offer our ready-to-use wearable, CORE, as a consumer product or white label solution.  

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CORETM integration

Stand-alone CORE Body Temperature measurement wearable system ready to use


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Why core body temperature? 

Core body temperature refers to the temperature of the body’s organs. It fluctuates following physiological processes, such as circadian cycles, menstruation, illness or physical activity.

Core body temperature is a vital parameter for determining an individual’s health status.

Other devices on the market try to estimate core body temperature via skin surface temperature. Due to the complexity of thermal regulation and environmental conditions, this estimate does not come close to the accuracy and reliability of CORE.

Read more about continuous core body temperature measurement here.

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Above, a graph representing the measurements of core body temperature. In blue, measured with an electronic ingestible pill. The green line represents the core body temperature measured with CORE. 

Application examples

Patient Monitoring

Changes in core body temperature often provide insight on health-related problems prior to the appearance of other symptoms. Therefore, accurately monitoring the core body temperature of patients can help to identify health issues of patients at an early stage.


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Workforce protection for business

Monitor the core body temperature of your workforce for early signs of potential issues, protect at risk healtcare workers in hospital and nursing homes, and get back to work with confidence reassuring staff with a safe and healthy workplace. 


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Enhanced Sports Performance


Monitoring your core body temperature during sports allows you to gain valuable insights to increase your performance and avoid dangerous situations like heat strokes.


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Early Detection of Health-Related Issues

Many significant health issues leave traces in a person's natural day-night temperature cycle, also known as the circadian cycle. The simplest way to monitor the circadian cycle is to measure core body temperature. With greenTEG's sensor, core body temperature can be measured easily and without having a significant impact on the daily routines of the subject. Changes in the circadian cycle point to many health issues. Researchers are using our sensors to investigate; jetlag, narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep quality, burnout, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ovulation status, and many more.

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The TV show Einstein (Swiss SRF channel) portrayed, on 10th October 2019, our core body temperature sensor as part of a research show about the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. Click on the image below to watch the clip (it starts at minute 23:00, only in German).

Our CEO, Wulf Glatz, was interviewed at the Swiss TOP TV channel about our core body temperature sensors and their potential applications, especially regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The interview is in German, with English subtitles available.

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