Core Body Temperature Sensor for Wearable and Med-Tech Applications

Core body temperature is an important vital parameter to determine the health status of a person. greenTEG offers the world’s first core body temperature sensor for continuous and non-invasive measurements. The miniaturized sensor is ideal for the integration into wearable and med-tech devices with skin contact.

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Several case studies and measurement examples are now available upon request. Learn more below.

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Patient Monitoring

Changes in the core body temperature often indicate health-related problems before other symptoms show. Therefore,  accurately monitoring the core body temperature of patients can help to identify health issues of patients at an early stage.


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Enhanced Sports Performance


Real sports athletes want to perform at the right level at the right time. In addition to other vital signals, core body temperature gives an athlete crucial information about his performance.


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Early Detection of Health-Related Issues

Many significant health issues leave traces in a person’s natural day-night temperature cycle, also known as circadian cycle. The simplest way to monitor the circadian cycle is to measure CBT. With greenTEG's sensor, CBT can be measured easily and without having a significant impact on the daily routines of the subject. Changes in the circadian cycle, measured via CBT, can help drawing conclusions about the following health issues: jetlag, narcolepsi, insomnia, sleep quality, burnout, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ovulation status and others.


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Technical Information


When working with skin temperature sensors to measure the physiological body temperature, a major challenge are the thermal changes from outside influences, e.g. leaving a warm building to the cold environment, or when clothes or blankets cover the sensor.

Using a heat flux sensor in combination with a reference skin temperature sensor allow for compensation of thermal influences from the outside resulting in the real body temperature signal.

Advantages of greenTEG's measurement approach:

  • Integration solution into any wearable in contact with skin
  • Algorithm to determine body temperature for low activity
  • SMD mountable 2mm x 2mm XU sensor

Core Body Temperature Measurement Case Studies

greenTEG's solution for non-invasive core body temperature measurments has been demonstrated in independent and internal case studies and measurements:

  • Core Body Temperature Measurements with greenTEG's Solution: Independent Medical Study Confirms Accuracy: Learn more
  • Non-Invasive Core Body Temperature Measurements During Sleep and Daily Life: Learn more
  • Core Body Temperature Measured Non-Invasively on the Wrist With greenTEG`s Body Temp Patch: Learn more