Core Body Temperature monitoring for work safety

Personalized continuous monitoring for improved risk assessments and safer work environments 

Heat related disorders are a common concern in many industries operating in harshly hot environments. The operators in these industries are frequently exposed to extreme heat for long periods of time. Until now, safety measures relied on indirect methods to identify the relative risk, such as monitoring the environmental conditions, and creating protocols aimed to protect workers in advance.

However, these indirect methods were not designed to monitor every worker's core body temperature. This proves problematic, since heat tolerance and adaptation vary from person to person. 

With past technologies it was very costly and cumbersome to monitor workers in the field. Now, with CORE, monitoring can be performed by an affordable, non-invasive, and robust device. Most importantly, CORE can monitor for consecutive hours with great accuracy.


 A framework isued by the CDC (Source: ) to help assessing the risk of heat disorders depending on ambient temperature and humidity.


The real risk of heat related illness at work

Heat illnesses are not to be taken lightly. They may lead to long-standing health problems, and in extreme situations, be life-threatening. With such severe consequence employers are legally bound to protect the health and wellness of their workers.

Many heat-related illnesses exist and can be classed on a spectrum of severity. For instance, Heat Strokes are very severe and require immediate medical attention. On the less severe side, we have heat exhaustion, it holds the potential to harm workers but can be prevented with specific protocols.






Benefits of real-time core body temperature monitoring for workforce safety

  • Get early warning signs of an elevated body temperature for personalized workforce protection.

  • Monitor dozens of workers simultaneously with our cloud solution.

  • Improve workforce safety protocols with real, up-to-date data about your workers.

  • Gain additional insights about the performance of workers in extreme environments.


What do we offer 


Easy to use wearable device   

CORE is the first non-invasive wearable device that allows for continuous core body temperature measuring under real-life conditions with great accuracy. The device follows an easy mounting procedure, through the choice of a chest/arm strap or a medical-grade adhesive patch. It is water-resistant and can be sanitized with alcohol solutions. The measured core body temperatures can be streamed in real time thanks to CORE’s wireless connectivity with Garmin and iOS/Android devices (phone and/or watch). Additionally, we have a few 3rd party gateway (cockpit) infrastructures under review to soon launch new solutions for collective CORE device monitoring. Workforce, Patients, and Nursing teams will all benefit greatly from such infrastructures, as all CORE devices can be monitored simultaneously on a centralized platform.

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Validated to have environment/condition independent high accuracy

The accuracy of CORE has been validated in an independent clinical study and numerous internal case studies. These studies show an absolute deviation of 0.21°C, a 95% limit of agreement (LoA) of 0.56 °C, and a correlation factor of 0.92. As a comparison, a standard ear thermometer shows a confidence interval of 0.5 °C but only when measured by a professional, at low physical activity, and at room temperature.

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“The CORE works great – we are finalising the launch of the device that I’m intending to integrate the CORE with – watch out for our product suit launch in 2021.”

International Mining Equipment OEM, Head of Occupational Safety Solutions

“It is working a lot better than other devices we have tested before – we plan to start integrating the device into our own mobile app.”

R&D Manager, Safety Tech Company, Middle East (focus on oil fields)