Small sensor ideal for wearables


Enables continuous measurement


Proven accuracy


Works under all conditions

Technical Information


When working with skin temperature sensors to measure the physiological body temperature, a major challenge is the thermal influences from the environment and physical activity, e.g. leaving a warm building to the cold environment or when clothes or blankets cover the sensor.

Using a heat flux sensor combined with a reference skin temperature sensor allows for compensation of thermal influences from the outside resulting in the real core body temperature signal.

Advantages of greenTEG's measurement approach:

  • Integration solution into any wearable in contact with skin
  • Accurate algorithm to determine body temperature 
  • SMD mountable 2mm x 2mm XU sensor

Contact us if you have any questions.

greenTEG has extensive experience and in-depth know-how regarding integrating core body temperature sensors into a wide range of wearables. greenTEG has also developed highly accurate algorithms based on specific use cases, allowing highly accurate core body temperature readings.

greenTEG's engineers will guide you step by step through the development and industrialization process. That includes thermal reproducibility optimization and algorithm calibration. The following steps show the process to implement core body temperature measurements into your wearable successfully. Contact us for more information.

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Download manual, brochures and informational materials about our use cases, as well as the gSKIN® XU

Validation study – Real-life conditions for chest-worn applications

Validation study – Real-life conditions for wrist-worn applications

Datasheet gSKIN® XU sensor


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