Small sensor ideal for wearables


Enables continuous measurement


Proven accuracy


Works under all conditions

Technical Information


When working with skin temperature sensors to measure the physiological body temperature, a major challenge is the thermal influences from the environment and physical activity, e.g. leaving a warm building to the cold environment or when clothes or blankets cover the sensor.

Using a heat flux sensor combined with a reference skin temperature sensor allows for compensation of thermal influences from the outside resulting in the real core body temperature signal.

Advantages of greenTEG's measurement approach:

  • Integration solution into any wearable in contact with skin
  • Accurate algorithm to determine body temperature 
  • SMD mountable 2mm x 2mm XU sensor

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Download manual, brochures and informational materials about our use cases, as well as the gSKIN® XU

Validation study – Real-life conditions for chest-worn applications

Validation study – Real-life conditions for wrist-worn applications

Datasheet gSKIN® XU sensor


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