greenTEG’s new venture: CORE
greenTEG new venture CORE

We are launching a new venture: CORE

As mentioned in a previous post, at greenTEG we have been moving quickly to leverage our technology for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. During the past weeks, we have been working with our business partners to boost the development of our core body temperature sensing solution. We have also received dozens of requests from potential clients all over the world willing to implement it for several purposes related to the pandemic: from tracking healthcare worker’s health status to monitoring homeless people shelters and prevent the pandemic from spreading in such a vulnerable population.

We are thrilled to announce that our latest B2B product is now ready. We are closing the gap for business customers, who have been searching for a highly accurate as well as continuous core body temperature measurement wearable, which is non-intrusive and comfortable to wear.

This product is an extension of our recently launched new venture, named CORE. Initially, this venture was focused on developing a sports wearable based on our core body temperature sensing technology. Since the pandemic outbreak became global, we have allocated all our resources to speed up its development and finish it as soon as possible. Now, CORE is not only a sports wearable but also a device for work safety and wellness. Its purpose is to help companies and organizations of all sorts, protecting the wellness of their employees through non-intrusive, continuous, and accurate monitoring of their core body temperature. Being a wireless device, CORE allows its users to gather and aggregate data remotely. You can check all the details on CORE’s new website.

At greenTEG, we understand that the “new normal” coming after the first wave of the outbreak will disrupt our businesses and lifetime. However, we also believe that our sensing solutions could help to protect people and cope with the pandemic. We are confident about the possibilities ahead, and we would like to invite you to join us in our endeavor. Please, stay safe and healthy. Contact us for starting a discussion around the CORE!