greenTEG vs. COVID-19 crisis
greenTEG and the COVID-19 crisis.

Interview at Venturelab: greenTEG and the COVID-19 crisis

At greenTEG, as in many other companies, we are coping with the unprecedented consequences of a global pandemic that is disrupting everything. That is a huge challenge for everybody. We have already explained in earlier blog posts how we reacted so far; today we would like to further deep dive into the topic. For that purpose, we are sharing the latest interview at Venture Lab with our CEO, Wulf Glatz, where he discusses the downturns of the crisis, but also the opportunities which are opening.

In the interview, Wulf explains the financial impact on business. As of now, greenTEG still has fuel, both in cash and a credit line supported by Swiss Federal Authorities. But we are not untouched. We have to do our best to keep up the currently shrinking thermal building and photonics business and further shift resources in order to speed up activities in regards to the Core Body Temperature tracking solution.

There is a growing interest in core body temperature tracking, since it could be especially helpful to tackle some of the worst consequences of the pandemic through fever monitoring in real-time. Continuously tracking core body temperature could give early signs of COVID-19 infection, helping to protect the health of our health care staff in hospitals, nursing homes, and other short term care functions, e.g. military shelters with temporary patient beds. This could be also applied to other risk groups (i.e. monitoring their health status remotely) and thus bringing some relief to already overwhelmed hospitals.

At greenTEG, we are fortunate to have such a solution in our portfolio. But this is not only about luck: we have been working on it for the past years. That is the reason why it is ready today. And it is also about purpose: it’s our chance to contribute with a positive impact to society, using our expertise in thermal monitoring to help all those fighting the pandemic!