Measurement Kits

greenTEG offers two measurement kits which include sensors, a data logger, and software. The kits enable you to start your measurement within a few minutes.

U-Value Measurements with the gSKIN® U-Value Kit

The U-Value descibes the insulation quality of a material. It is often used in the field of building physics to describe how well a wall is insulated.greenTEG offers a complete measurement kit which enables in-situ U-Value measurements.

More information on the gSKIN® U-Value Kit is available here.

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gSKIN® Heat Flux Kit

The gSKIN® Heat Flux Kit is the quickest and easiest solution to monitor and analyze heat flux and temperature difference. It is often used in R&D settings. This measurement kit includes a data logger and a gSKIN® XM 26 9C Heat Flux Sensor.

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