Measuring the Thermal Storage Capability of Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

Heat flux is an important measurand for understanding and optimizing PCMs and other thermal storage materials. PCMs are nowadays very well characterized by the powerful method of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). The thermal storage and release characteristics not only depend on the material's characteristics but also on its integration and application. For an optimal integration in the application these characteristics need to be known. With greenTEG’s heat flux sensors, calorimetric measurements directly at the application become feasible.


Having access to a highly accurate and reliable sensor which was at the same time simple to use helped us a lot in measuring the performance of our Phase Change Material energy storage units. Using greenTEG's sensors has allowed us to better understand and further improve our products.

Martin Schröcker, CEO GlassX

Advantages of gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensors

  • Integrate thermal storage characterization directly into your application

  • Determine the thermal conductivity of any material

  • Small sized heat flux sensors with low thermal resistance 

  • Quantify the heat flow into and from your heat exchanging system or measurement setup with small and low thermal resistance heat flux sensors

  • Use the U-Value KIT to characterize thermal storage capabilities and release characteristics of materials and walls vs. air and other media with high thermal transfer coefficient

  • Complement your DSC with our highly accurate and extremely sensitive heat flux sensors

Recent Examples

  • Fischer and his team at the University of Applied Science in Lucerne integrated the gSKIN®- heat flux sensor into a heat exchanger to characterize the storage capacity of ice for building applications. Read the abstract for the presentation at the IERS conference here.

  • GLASSX, a company providing highly efficient PCM based windows, used the U-Value £Kit with the gSKIN®-XP  sensor to validate their thermal storage model for product improvements. Read the German publication or the English summary

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