Core body temperature monitoring for wearable and med-tech applications

The core body temperature (CBT) is an important parameter for accurate assessments of the human body’s state of health. With greenTEG's technology it is possible to measure the core body temperature non-invasively. Core body temperature data helps drawing conclusion about:


Training level

Sleep quality

Stress & burnout





Heat stroke


In these and other applications it is crucial to get reliable data of the core body temperature. Most of today’s measurement concepts use only temperature sensors for this task. These methods give a good approximation, but cannot measure the core temperature directly (unless via invasive methods in the human body). The following section outlines a potentially more accurate method for measuring CBT using gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensors and temperature sensors.


Advantages of gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensors

  • Small heat flux sensor with high sensitivity, easily integrate into application setups

  • Non-invasive measurement technique for core body temperature measurement

  • Easy to mount on the skin, does not disturb the exercise routine or working habits

  • Possibilty to be integrated with an easy read out software which allows for in-depth analysis

Body Temp Kit Datasheet Download

OEM Heat Flux Sensor Datasheet


A compact, non-invasive solution for continuous and accurate core body temperature measurement 

  1. Mount a gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor and temperature sensor on the chest.

  2. Log the temperature and heat flux measurements (in Watts/m2)

  3. Determine the thermal resistance (in Kelvin/Watt/m2) between the forehead and the core with the calibration measurement (assuming Tcore= 37o C).

  4. Calculate the temperature difference between the chest and core by using
    ΔT = (Heat Flux) x (Thermal Resistance)

  5. Calculate the temperature at the core by using
    TCore= TChest + ΔT

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