U-value, R-value, humidity, and surface temperature measurements made easy

The gO Measurement-System is a cloud-based, wireless system for U-value, R-value, surface temperature, and humidity measurements. You can measure simultaneously with up to 16 sensors and remotely monitor the measurements in real-time. It is the only system on the market which gives you hard data about the insulation quality of building elements. The gOMS is especially designed for applications in building physics.


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gO Measurement System in the Media

We have first rented the gO Measurement System and performed some interesting tests which gave good results. Therefore we bought the equipment, and can recommend it for various use cases.

Nicolas PEREZ -  Lafarge Centre de Recherche


What is the u-value and why is it important?

The u-value describes the insulation quality of a building element, for example of a wall. It is the most important value for user independent assessments of a building's thermal performance: the lower the u-value, the better the insulation. Furthermore, quantitative assessments of heat bridges are possible, for example to detect sources of mold.

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Mold Source Detection

Typical use cases

Assessing the status quo

A precise status quo assessment of the U-value before a refurbishment increases the quality of the overall planning.

Check before project handover

In case of dispute between project partners, a non-invasive U-value measurement can increase the transparency between the project partners.

Heat bridge and mold detection

Dew point assessment via room humidity and surface temperature measurement. Quantitative assessment of heat bridges via U-value measurement. Learn more here.

Applications in R&D, quality control

Exact measurement tool for U-value measurement in R&D of new insulation materials. Tool for quality control in the production of insulation materials. Learn more here.


Resources: Case studies, white papers, and FAQ

Below you find a list of case studies and white papers about various U-values projects conducted by greenTEG, our customers, and project partners. Please note that the measurements discussed in these resources were made with the gSKIN® U-Value Kit, the preceding model of the gO Measurement-System. The measurement principel with the gO Measurement-System remains the same. Contact us if you have any questions.

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The gO Measurement System explained 



How to use the gO Measurement-System

Set-up and start base station 

Mount sensors on inner wall

Mount sensors on outside wall

Remotely monitor & analyze 


Technical specifications


Cloud connection: 3G / 4G (worldwide) or WIFI connection

Sensor node connection: LoRa SC protocol (868/815 MHZ)

Reach: >700m (Outside) >100m (Inside)

Power source: Integrated battery or power adaptor

Number of sensor nodes: up to 16 per gateway

Sensor nodes

Sensor node facade inside: 1 x room temp. (+/- 0.1° C),  1 x surface temp. (1/- 0.1° C), 1 x heat flux (+/-3%)

Sensor node facade outside: 1 x room temp. (+/- 0.1° C) 1 x surface temp. (+/- 0.1° C), 1 x humidity (+/-2)

Power source: Intergrated battery (up to 7 days) or USB power adapter

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Mounting Manual

U-Value Measurement Checklist

Product launch event video

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy supported us with its expertise during the development of our technology. In 2010, greenTEG got certified by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). Together with our partner Climate KIC we exhibit our technology at the Umweltarena Spreitenbach.