greenTEG at the Tour de France
Tour de France 2021_greenTEG

The chronicles of greenTEG at the Tour de France!

At greenTEG, we have been researching, developing, and building energy a miniaturized energy transfer sensor, the gSKIN XU, since 2014. It has been a long journey to build a feasible component that could be embedded into wearables to measure the core body temperature. That’s why we are super proud of our latest achievement: we are participating at the Tour de France!

During the last year we have been developing a new wearable, named CORE, to monitor in real-time and with great accuracy the core body temperature. The tests both in the lab and the field showed an accuracy equal to e-pills, but without using invasive methods. That is a great achievement that brings many possibilities in terms of work safety, sports, and many other fields.

In fact, the first use case for the device was not intended: when the COVID-19 outbreak became global, many companies approached us asking for the potential use of our device to protect their workforce. Since that day, we are providing companies worldwide with an efficient and reliable solution, that will be applied in many fields.

However, our original idea was somehow different. We were developing a wearable for sports performance, working with top athletes to test the device and its potential applications for training improvement and performance enhancing. These beta testers included riders from a UCI WorldTeam racing in the Tour de France 2020. The results were so good that the team decided to use CORE during the Tour de France, the most important cycling race in the world, and quite likely the most important sports event this year.

Although we can’t disclose the name of the team, we have access to the core body temperature data gathered daily. We are sharing it daily on CORE’s social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For your information, we are sharing data from the 8th stage. On the infographic, you can see how the core body temperature of the rides correlates with the effort during the race.

greenTEG Tour de France