Emitu & greenTEG partnership
greenTEG Emitu partnership

Zurich, Switzerland, July 26, 2022 – greenTEG (Zurich, Switzerland) today announced its partnership with Emitu (Porto, Portugal) to support greenTEG’s continuous and non-invasive core body temperature sensor solution with Emitu’s Internet Of Things (IoT) platform for workplace health and safety, elderly care, and home monitoring applications.

Emitu and greenTEG partnership | A real-time Internet of Things solution with high-accuracy core body temperature monitoring

With greenTEG’s leading core body temperature monitoring solution and Emitu’s simple and effective IoT platform, our partnership was set to deliver a unique solution for continuous and remote health monitoring.

What is the synergy between Emitu and greenTEG?

“greenTEG is the leader in core body temperature monitoring, having developed the world’s first core body temperature sensor for continuous and non-invasive measurements. With the COVID-19 pandemic, health has become an even more critical issue for individuals and organizations. We partnered with greenTEG to provide an easy-to-use solution using the high accuracy CORE sensor to help maintain people’s safety.”

replied Nuno Gonçalves, Co-Founder and CEO of Emitu.

With Emitu, we found a partner with great expertise in IoT platforms, who could quickly integrate our CORE sensor onto their platform to make it readily available for our B2B customers who do not usually have these internal skills on board.”

added Dr. Holger Hendrichs, VP Sales and Marketing of greenTEG

At the backbone of this partnership lies greenTEG’s core body temperature monitoring based on the unique patented CALERA® technology, enabling non-invasive and accurate core body temperature monitoring. Emitu provides an industrial IoT platform adaptable to many use cases and an innovative software architecture to speed up the IoT journey, resulting in a scalable, secure, and flexible cloud platform.

This multidisciplinary dual solution allows companies to protect their workers in every task with real-time monitoring and health professionals to know the health state of their patients at every minute. Thanks to the Bluetooth low-energy CORE sensors, the gateways, and Emitu’s IoT platform, one can obtain accurate and reliable body temperature data simultaneously from a desktop or a smartphone.

core body temperature for workforce health and safety
Personalized alert when ones core body temperature exceeds the critical exposure temperature – heat stress danger zone

The user can get real-time alerts on their device or by SMS/email in the case of a temperature change exceeding a temperature threshold set by the user. The temperature data collected from multiple workers or patients on a single platform are safely stored and accessible 24/7.

To learn more about this complete solution features and benefits, click here or download the following brochure.

About greenTEG:

greenTEG develops and manufactures advanced thermal energy sensing solutions based on patented technology. These solutions are available for both research and industry purposes, including applications in the fields of R&D, building, and wearables. greenTEG’s latest solution is the first sensor for non-invasive and continuous core body temperature monitoring, ready to be embedded in wearables in sports, healthcare, and general wellbeing. greenTEG is headquartered in Zürich-Rümlang, Switzerland.

About Emitu:

Emitu is a cloud-based, low-code Internet of Things (IoT) platform for a simpler and quicker IoT journey. Emitu’s IoT platform lets you gain real-time visibility over your asset operations, usage, and status. Emitu believes in democratizing, enabling every company to have its own connected asset solution.

For more information, please visit: www.emitu.com

For any questions, please contact:
Leslie Labarre, Marketing Manager @greenTEG: [email protected]
Soraia Costa, Marketing Manager @Emitu: [email protected]